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Who are we?

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We are specialists in the fire protection and security industry and have been since 1958. Providing fire protection equipment, servicing, maintenance and much more we are proud to have a network of experts and engineers throughout the United Kingdom.

We are committed to ensuring your company is protected at all times and have solutions for every size of business, in any sector, for all types of risk and budget.

What can we offer you?

Our Services

Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

OHEAP offers a wide range of systems and solutions to fit your specific requirements including bespoke system design. Our team of qualified engineers install and commission the system and return on a regular basis to ensure it is kept in full working order.

Emergency Lighting

We supply a wide range of emergency lights and signage. We also service lighting installations, testing each luminaire for the required 3 hours to ensure full effectiveness in an emergency.

Fire Extinguishers

Our expert team of qualified technicians, all certificated under the BSI and third party accredited to the BAFE Sp101 are led by a management team and schedulers with over 50 years’ experience. Our working platforms that enable all extinguishers to be serviced, extended serviced and refilled whilst at site means that replacements are not required because a unit simply needs a fifth year discharge test.

Fire Safety Training

The best defence against fire is well-trained staff. OHEAP will assess whether fire training would be of benefit to your business and ensure the competence, confidence and safety of your staff.

Water-Based Systems

From sprinkler systems to water mist systems, we can design, supply, install and maintain your water-based systems to protect your organisation.

Gas Suppression Systems

As part of our wide portfolio, we offer a range of clean agent suppression systems where traditional water-based systems cannot be used. These include inert, halocarbon and CO2 agents, so we can design the system to specifically match the risk.

Fire Hose Reels

 Hose reels enable you to cover a significantly wider area than an extinguisher and are suitable in situations where water can be safely used to put out a fire. OHEAP have a wide variety available.

Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are the protection product of choice in many kitchens, where they can be safely used on small fires such as burning chip pans or toasters. At OHEAP we have a range available including soft and hard case blankets.

Why work with us?

NHS Shared Business Services Framework

We are pleased to announce that OHEAP have been awarded onto the NHS Shared Business Services Framework for Soft Facilities Management, including active fire safety.

Under this framework agreement, any UK-based public sector organisation framework can approach us directly rather than having to go through the tender process saving them a significant amount of time and money. We have been awarded the assigned lot of active fire safety and associated products & services.

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